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Piaf Tactile Image Maker

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Piaf Tactile Image Maker

Make tactile graphics quickly and simply. 

Draw or print out the item you want to be made into a tactile image and the Piaf with turn it into a wonderful tactile image.

The P.I.A.F (Pictures in a flash) tactile graphics maker provides an important element in information delivery for all ages! From developing simple concepts about graphics with young children to providing complex information on the environment to blind and vision-impaired adults, the P.I.A.F tactile image-maker provides a versatile and reliable solution. 

The P.I.A.F produces high quality tactile graphics by using heat sensitive capsule paper. The raised images are easy to produce and ideal for communicating graphics and Braille to blind people. P.I.A.F provides quick and easy access to geography, mathematics, orientation and mobility training, all science subjects and more.

Young children can create drawings and see the results in seconds; chessboards can be made for home usage, and office layouts and organization to new employees.

Light, and easy to carry, the P.I.A.F. tactile image maker has the following safety features:

Paper sensing: This products senses when capsule paper enters the machine, and when it exits. If the paper does not appear at the exit side within 6 seconds, the power to the heating element is turned off but the cooling fan left on.

Overheating protection: If for any reason the unit becomes too hot then shutdown occurs automatically! This is a back up to the paper sensing to ensure fail-safe operation.

Features and Benefits of the P.I.A.F. Tactile Image Maker

  • Handles paper sizes up to 27.94 cm x 43.48 cm
  • Safe operation with two in-built fail-safe features
  • 10 seconds to process a single sheet of 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm paper.
  • Audio indication. A beep lets you know when to insert the next page.
  • Simple flip-down design enables easy paper removal and safety inspection
  • Energy efficient and quiet make it acceptable in any environment, library, office or classroom
  • Portable with a strong, easy-grip handle and removable feed trays
  • Power supply: 110 volts AC, 60Hz
  • Size: 19.81 H x 50.14 W x 17.02 D cm
  • Size with trays out: 19.05 H x 50.04 W x 51.05 cm
  • Weight: 5.9 Kg