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Eye-Q Electronic Video Magnifier

Eye-Q Electronic Video Magnifier


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The Eye-Q magnifier made by Aumed is designed for Low Vision individuals with an active lifestyle who require portable magnification on the go.

Eye-Q's superb full color and high contrast picture quality allows you to read maps, printed material, sales tags and view photographs, illustrations and three- dimensional objects. Its built-in, foldablewriting legs add increased flexibility, making it easy for you to sign cheques and write brief notes.

Enhanced contrast modes (Colour, White/Black or Black/White) can be selected for clear and easy reading.  Eye-Q can also be connected to a Television monitor for superior magnification usefulness.  It is really a multiple use digital Low Vision aid. 

Key Features: 

  • Slim and sleek, compact and lightweight, truly portable

  • High magnification capabilities from a pocket-sized machine

  • Brightness control is automatic and instant, no additional controls needed

  • Side camera and foldable legs make a perfect writing tool for right and left- handed users

  • Very long Depth Of Field gives a clear view at a range of working distances

  • Wide Viewing Angle makes more words visible if reading columns of print 

  • High quality rechargeable Long Operational Time Lithium battery

  • High resolution full color anti-glare 16:9 TFT-LCD wide screen

  • Black on White and White on Black display increases contrast options

  • Freeze Frame allows you to take a temporary still picture, to capture an image beyond immediate field of vision for closer inspection

  • Automatic re-focusing provides instant readability at different distances

  • Easily connects to any Television for even more magnification uses

  • Convenient carry case to protect device and increase independence

  • Simple controls (just two buttons) and tactile controls ideally suited to low vision users

  • Grip and hold comfortably in both left and right hand, in any position  

 Eye-Q's portable design allows you to:

  • Look at details and price labels in shops

  • Sign cheques and credit card payment slips

  • Read menues, compact discs, tickets, packets, recipes and bottle labels

  • Browse through pamphlets and magazines or read maps and books while travelling

Technical notes:
Three display modes: full color, black/white and white/black.
Wide screen TFT LCD
4x to 15x magnification range
Writing capabilities