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Jelly Bean Twist Top 

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4 Changeable Caps, Red Yellow Blue Green $
$155 GST inclusive not including courier


AbleNet Jelly Bean Twist

AbleNet switches...quite simply, they're the switches more educators rely on to deliver results every time they're activated. With this kind of dependability and quality built-in, you can be sure that an AbleNet switch will provide a lifetime of use and a lifetime of participation.

Tough enough to stand up to years of vigorous use. Activates no matter where the student presses on the switch. 

  • Easy to mount with standard flange base.
  • Audible click signals student a cause-effect link has been made.
  • Standard 6 ft cord with a 3.5mm monoplug.
  • Diameter 65mm

The new Jelly Bean Twist features changeable tops; choice of four coloured lids included are: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.  Lids are easily changed.  

It’s all up to your own style, tastes, or specific vision needs.

All AbleNet switches are:

  • Designed to provide tactile and audible feedback to the user
  • Designed for activation no matter where pressed
  • Equipped with 2m (6 ft) cord using 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) monoplug
  • Mountable using Universal Switch Mounting system or Slim Armstrong Mounting System
  • Supplied with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Diameter: 6.35cm (2.5")
  • Activating pressure: 56.7g (2oz)