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Single Switch - Ablenet Specs Switch

Specs Switch - Green $99.00   
Specs Switch - Red $99.00    

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Ablenet Specs Switches

Durable. Colorful. AbleNet switches provide a lifetime of use and a lifetime of participation! Tough enough to stand up to years of vigorous use. Activates no matter where the student presses on the switch. 

This switch is a dream to mount, comes with three different bases, the standard flange base, a space saving flush base for mounting with adhesive, and a strap base for mounting around objects such as head rests.

Audible click signals student a cause-effect link has been made. Standard 6 ft cord with a 3.5mm monoplug.

The Specs switch includes: 
• Switch 
• Flange base 
• Flush base 
• 24 inch strap 
• Small screwdriver 
• Strap-adaptable base 

06/2013: Price reduced to clear for remaining stock.