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The Provale Cup - maintained still at a lower price

Provale Cup - 10CC $95.00    
Provale Cup - 5CC $95.00 

Apologies for the price hike, there are more importation fees for Customs clearance.

 Product code:  10cc FD-PC-10   5cc FD-PC-5

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A New Cup for Dysphagia Patients and for those with issue swallowing safely.

Thanks to the input from hundreds of Speech-Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, the final design of the PROVALE cup is here.  Download information

The advantages of The PROVALE® Drinking Cup are:

  • Delivers a fixed delivery amount of 5cc (one teaspoon) or 10cc (two teaspoons) with every normal drinking motion.
  • Patented mechanism prevents over-delivery of fluid. 
  • Good nose clearance to minimize head tilt. 
  • Can be used with water and nutritional supplements.
  • Optional one or two easy-grip-handle or no-handle design.
  • Travel-mug appearance is functional, yet inconspicuous. The PROVALE® Cup is designed with patient integrity in mind.
  • Designed to utilize normal drinking motion.
  • Easy and logical to assemble.
  • Easy to clean and institutional dishwasher-safe: no valves or tubes to clean.
  • Broad base, to minimize tipping and spilling.  

Customer feedback: patients have more dignity when drinking with the Provale Cup.