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Pigeon Teats for Cleft Palate Including One way Flow-Valve - Price: $18.90 for both Regular or Small Sizes

Product Code: Small FD-PN-CP-S  Large FD-PN-CP-L

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Pigeon teatsPigeon teats

Designed for babies with special feeding needs, the Cleft Palate Teat has been especially designed to appropriately feed cleft palate infants and infants with poor sucking strength.  The latex-free, Y-cut nipple (cut three ways so that the baby can get milk with a weak or not as effective suck), has a thick and thin side with a one-way flow valve that prevents excessive air intake and allows milk to flow only when sucked by the baby.

This teat also comes with an Air-Vent that prevents the nipple from collapsing or the milk not flowing. The larger nipple head fits the mouth more easily so that the baby can drink with less effort, as compared to a regular kind of nipple.

It is recommended that the Cleft Palate Teat be used with the Pigeon Bottle for Cleft Palate babies, as this baby bottle is specifically made and shaped to fit the air vents and one way valve of the Cleft Palate Teat. The nipple and one way valve can fit other baby bottles, but may have some leaking or nipple collapse.