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Maroon Spoons

Maroon Spoon Small $5.52  
Maroon Spoon Large $5.90    

Product code: Large: FD-MS-LRG   Small:  FD-MS-SML

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Maroon Spoons


The Maroon Spoon is a child spoon designed for use in feeding therapy or for use with children with oral sensitivity, tongue thrust, or poor lip closure. 

These sturdy plastic spoons have narrow, shallow bowls that allow food to slide off easily. Perfect for clients with poor lip closure or for limiting bolus size. These break-resistant plastic spoons have a long handle and a shallow bowl. 

They come in two sizes small which either holds less than 5 ml or large which holds more than 5 ml.

The bowl of the Large spoon is 3 cm wide. The bowl of the Small spoon is 2.3 cm wide.  The length of the bowl is 3 cm on both sizes of the spoons.