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Ultra Stik Adhesive

Ultra Stik Adhesive - Rectangular $48.25  
Ultra Stik Adhesive - 2 Jelly Bean & 1 Spec Switch $48.25
Ultra Stik Adhesive - 2 Jelly Bean Switch Size $50.50    

Ultra Stik Adhesive

UltraStik® reusable adhesive

The best adhesive for mounting switches and other items to flat surfaces.

  • Ultra tough.
  • Ultra sticky.
  • Ultra easy-to-use, again and again.
  • A quick wash with mild soap restores stickiness.

Comes in three sizes

  • One rectangle  (3 1/4-inch x 6 1/4-inch) 
  • Two custom-cut circles  ( Jelly Bean Switch Size)
  • Three custom-cut circles  ( 2 Jelly Bean Size & 1 Spec Switch Size)