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Superbrush - toothbrushes

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Product Code:

DRBAR-REG - Regular three surface brush head

DRBAR-COM - Smaller three surface brush head (children)

DRBAR-SPECIAL1 - Regular for Seniors

DRBAR-SPECIAL2  - Medium for Seniors


Regular and Compact brushes

Dr Barman Regular SuperbrushDr Barman Regular Superbrush


Three surface brushingThree surface brushing












Seniors/Periopatients - Dr. Barmans Superbrush Special for seniors or people with gum problems and sensitivity

 Dr. Barmans Superbrush Special is a double headed toothbrush developed for seniors or people with gum problems
  • Same features as Superbrush, brush all 3 surfaces at the same time
  • Ideal for patients with long teeth and sensitive gum line
  • Reaches further down on the teeth than the orignal Superbrush
  • Long bristles correctly angled towards gumline make cleaning along gumline easy
  • Reduces more plaque along gumline
  • Cleans inside of teeth equally well as outside
  • Cleans more surfaces at a shorter time than conventional brushes
  • Is also ideal for caretakers brushing on others
  • 2 sizes, Large and Small (regular or medium)
  • Extra soft bristles