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Lightwriter Swift  

Lightwriter Swift - Please email for a Quote $0.00

The pocket-sized Lightwriter Swift is the ultimate portable, text-to-speech communication device.  

The Lightwriter Swift has been designed for enhanced interactive conversation with its unique dual screen technology.  

It delivers superb sound quality through dual speakers with responsive, natural-sounding speech. 

Although big on technology, the Lightwriter Swift is the world’s smallest device of its type.  

It is extremely powerful, durable and reliable, yet highly portable and discreet.

Lightwriter Swift has been developed for people who are literate and who want to engage fully in social situations. It can complement your own vocalisation and allow you to communicate more confidently and fluently with those you may not know so well.

  • Colour: White or Black
  • Language: British English or US English

Please email Zabonne for a Quote, or telephone Christine on 09 836 8876, if you would like to discuss this product and its suitability to your individual needs.

Zabonne is the Official New Zealand Distributor for Toby Churchill Lightwriters.