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Lightwriter SL40 Connect!

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Communicate efficiently and effectively either through face to face communication, SMS texting, or make mobile phone calls from this small compact device at home or when you are out and about. 


The SL40 Connect will also allow the user to back up and restore all settings, words and phrases and transfer notes to and from the device to a PC.

• user-friendly, intuitive interface - easy to use functions
• out-facing daylight readable display - encourages conversational interaction in all settings
• Natural Selection prediction - enables faster communication
• mobile phone capabilities – use the voice synthesiser to make phone calls and use SMS to send text messages
• backup, transfer & restore - the ability to transfer text documents, back up and restore personalised words and phrases to and from a PC using a memory stick
• trainable infrared control - extending the world of AAC to control basic IR controlled devices in the home
• adjustable keyboard - suitable for a wide range of users
• choice of high quality Acapela voices - plus free option to have a second available language.


Please email Zabonne for a Quote, or telephone Christine, 09 836 8876, if you would like to discuss this product and its suitability to your individual needs.


Zabonne is the Official New Zealand Distributor for Toby Churchill Lightwriters.