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Y-chew tube ®    


$12.00 each                                                  Product Code FD-ARK-CTLB

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Light Blue these are (Light Blue are Soft - for those with limited jaw strength OR those with a very mild oral sensory need to chew



- recommended for avid chewing OR for those
who like to chew on very firm items



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A cousin to ARK’s Grabber®, the Y-Chew® is an oral motor chew tool that packs a variety of benefits. Use it to encourage mouthing & oral exploration, to decrease oral sensitivities, to reduce teeth grinding, to develop biting & chewing skills, to work on oral motor skills, to provide a safe chewing outlet for sensory seekers, and much more. Its features include:
•  A different extensions to chew on
•  textures built-in (smooth, ribbed, and bumpy)
•  different toughness levels
• Extensions that are long enough to reach the back molars where chewing    is needed the most
• Different widths/heights to work on jaw grading
• Medical grade & made in the USA


Highly recommended as a oral motor / feeding therapy staple
to practice oral skills without the risk of choking. And also highly
recommended for individuals with Autism and/or sensory issues
with an oral sensory need to chew.