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ARK Textured and Smooth Grabbers

           Chewing aidChewy GrabberChewy Grabber 

$13.00 each

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Product Code:


Magenta - FD-ARK-TXMG SOFT Magenta

Light Blue - FD-ARK-TXLB (Shorter chewing stick for babies) Softer Not TEXTURED SMOOTH


ARK’s Textured Grabber® is very similar to the standard Grabber®, but with 3 different surfaces to chew on: one smooth, one with circular bumps, and one with rectangular bumps.  Like all of our chews, it’s medical grade, non-toxic, FDA compliant, CE approved, dishwasher-safe, free from BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, and latex, and best of all - made in the USA!  Use it to:

•    Simulate the feel (and/or smell with the scented options) of actual food for realistic non-food chewing practice

•    Provide extra tactile sensation to the lips, cheeks, gums, & tongue for sensory seekers

•    De-sensitize the mouth, work on texture aversions, and “wake up” the mouth

•    Transition individuals with sensory issues from puréed to textured foods