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Sip-Tip cupSip-Tip cup


Sip TipSip Tip



Product Code:

FD-ARK-SIPTIP without a valve  and with 10 oneway straws and lipblock Cost  $34 each

including GST - courier fee not included

FD-ARK-SIPTIP1 with a valve and 10 straws (not one way) and lipblocker Cost $30 each

including GST - courier fee not included

Mechanism on the lid cover the vent hole to pump liquid up the straw.


For individuals with a weak suck and/or oral motor difficulties, start by squeezing fluid (see above) to the very top of the straw.  Once the individual becomes comfortable drinking from that height squeeze it to a slightly lower level/height and adjust until the individual can drink without the valve needing to be adjusted.  This promotes proper tongue, cheek and jaw positioning.  

 See non slip surface for better gripping