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Most of us are either visual or auditory learners. But when these two senses are not enough, you may need to physically direct the articulators for certain speech and feeding skills. The Probe™, proPreefer™, and proMini™ are ideal tools to help you do so. Therapists (and trained caregivers) can use them to provide targeted tactile cues
within the oral cavity to teach tongue elevation, tongue lateralization, lip closure, rotary chewing, and much more. For example, use the Probe™ to apply gentle pressure to the alveolar ridge (just behind the upper front teeth). Then remove the Probe™ and instruct the individual to touch the same spot with his/her tongue tip. You can also follow up by
prompting the individual to say the tongue tip sounds /t/d/n/l/.
These therapy tools were specifically designed with safety in mind. The same material a our Grabber® is molded through and around a loop in the handle so that the tip will NOT fall off. At less than 5 inches in length, they’re super lightweight, compact, and portable.

Ideal for oral motor exercises and sensory stimulation whether you’re at home, in therapy, or anywhere in between. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and made in the USA out of FDA compliant, non-toxic, medical grade, CE approved materials.

ARK’s Oral Motor Probe™
The Probe™ has a rectangular tip that is bumpy on one side, striated on the other, and smooth around the sides. These textured surfaces
provide tactile input, awareness, and sensation.
Use them to stimulate the gums, palate, cheeks, lips, and tongue by stroking and applying gentle pressure. It can also be used to stabilize the
jaw to work on isolated tongue movements.