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One-way Straws ®    

Packet of ten disposable straws -  Product Code FD-ARK-OWS             

$20.80 per packet

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 One way drinking strawsOne way drinking straws

Straw drinking requires not only coordinated oral motor skills, but also the ability to generate and maintain suction. To make this easier, ARK’s One-Way Straw, Select-Flow Valve, and Premium One-Way Valve control the direction of fluid - liquid flows up into the straw, but does not empty back into the cup. Because fluid always stays at the top of the straw, less effort is required for each sip (and less air is ingested).

The disposable One-Way Straws have a built-in valve in the bottom of the straw, which provides the most convenience for the caregiver and discretion for the user. The Select-Flow Valve is a removable, re-usable
valve that fits into the bottom of most regular straws. And the Premium One-Way Valve is a lifetime, stainless steel, re-usable valve that can be taken apart for easy cleaning. All options are recommended for
individuals who tend to aspirate or have a weak suck.
For individuals who tend to take too much fluid at a time, the Select-Flow Valve also slows the flow of fluid, allowing for smaller, more manageable sips that lower the risk of coughing/choking. If a restricted
flow is not necessary, simply trim the tapered end with a pair of scissors to increase the flow.