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The company name, Zabonne, is derived from the name of a small 15th century Dalmatian village in Croatia called Zavojane which lies on the main road between Split and Vrgorac.

The name of the village comes either from the word Zahojani - which originates from the term "zahod" referring to sunset - or it refers to an area with winding roads which are commonly found in this mountainous area of Vigoracka krajina.

Today, Zabonne is a distributer of assistive products for people with special needs and is located in Auckland, New Zealand.  Established in 1981, Zabonne has been actively involved in promoting solutions for its clients to facilitate their real-life challenges and independence.

At Zabonne, our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities whether they are at home, in the classroom or at work.  To this end, Zabonne is now Zabonne (2015) Limited a new entity as of the 1/7/2015.

We are a unique retailer that is recognized for choice, value and convenience. We sell our products from local retail stores, online and over the phone. We carefully select our vendors to offer you the best products and services. Our customer service team is always there for you if you have any questions or special needs.